About Us

The Racking Co was founded in 2023 as part of TIVE Fulfilment Ltd. As a fulfilment centre we require a huge amount of shelving of all sizes. Therefore bringing the product straight in from the factory makes it more commercially viable.


Due to customers then asking where to buy themselves, we decided to start supplying our most popular racking. At the end of 2023 we have a whole new product range coming including different depths of racking. Along with this will also be picking stations / workbenches which again will be commercial quality and perfect for both warehouse operations and home storage solutions.


We are located on Love Lane in Cirencester. Due to being a family run business we do still allow collection of products as well as inspection before buying. We have 120 units currently build and being used in our warehouse on day to day operations.


Just drop us an email at info@tiveuk.com with the heading Racking Co.